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Welcome to my online creative workshop.

My name is Mat Doidge, a web designer based in Bristol. I am passionate about engineering beautfully crafted websites and illustrations.

Changes are happening here, stay tuned.

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Charity trek website goes live
My wife and I are embarking upon a charity trek up Ben Nevis next year to raise money for Devon Air Ambulance Trust and Hospice UK.
Overclockers UK
It's no secret I'm a total geek. And every geek needs somewhere to buy his/her hardware. For well over 5 years I entrusted a company for which has continued to have the best customer service and competative pricing from any I've look at.
Web Folk
I've been designing and building websites for about 3 years now. I dabbled prior to that — hell I was even hired as a 'web designer' straight out from winning an award in London when I'd graduated.
Digital Ocean - Installing a teamspeak server on Debian 7
Want to get Teamspeak 3 running on your own droplet? Look no further. I know plenty of people who use things like Ventrillo or Skype — personally I find Skype to be slow and at times just plain annoying.
The first year
Today a year has passed since I got married to Michelle — we made it to the first anniversary. The year has passed incredibly fast. Looking back, it feels only yesterday we were at the magical Polhawn Fort in..
Digital Ocean VPS & Git - A designers perspective
After almost two weeks of fighting with Git and my previous — ropey and slow — hosting, I decided it was time for a change. I'd always put off doing anything about my hosting purely based on the fact it meant migrating serveral websites hosted off my (shared) server.
Jekyll - feature images for your posts
Recently I have discovered how to customize my YAML front-matter to adapt my posts to use fullscreen background images.
Prepros App
Up until about 4 months ago, I had no idea what a pre-processor was, let alone its purpose. I read an article, as many people now have, claiming of the benefits that Sass brought to them and their workflow.
Responsive sticky footers
Whilst building this site, I realised that - at least to begin with - I would need a sticky footer. Because my Archive and Posts pages have a small amount of content, it causes the footer to appear slightly above the bottom of the page.
You want to learn to build websites? Learn to code.
Ever get so frustrated that you can't build that lovely shiny design you've just cooked up in Photoshop? Trying to negotiate help, exchange favours, well it all became a little too frustrating.